OEM Custom Metal Manufacturing

We manufacture OEM projects metal products and metal parts (We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer):   We take on all metal parts manufacturing projects (steel, stainless, special alloys, aluminum, cast-iron...), All surface treatments, hot-dipped galvanizing, zinc-coating, RAL painting... Small and large quantities are welcome.  CNC machining, precision production, cutting, milling, lathing, tooling, welding, assembly.
Outsourcing.   Foreign production line set-up.   Working with sample approval, quality is guaranteed.  Conception and prototyping.
Superior quality, best prices.

Submit your ideas, we will find solutions.


  • All type of molds, dies and tools
  • Plastic injected parts
  • All kind of parts with decoration, plating, powder coating, painting
  • Die casting parts
  • Metal stamped parts and metal formed parts
  • Completely assembled products
  • 3D computer plans made from your 2D artwork
  • Almost any kind of OEM custom products
  • OEM custom sample and prototype making


Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.  Small and large orders are welcome.

OEM Custom Metal Manufacturing

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