Solar Pool Water Heaters

  • Our swimming pool solar water heaters are safe and reliable for swimming pool.

  • Our solar water heater from are the best of industry prices. The heater is long lasting and heats water as per required temperature.

  • Our collectors have no thermal welding joint and is a one piece injection molded design ever thought of in the swimming pool water heating arena.

Easy to install and with minimal maintenance, our commercial pool solar heaters are worth to purchase. It can heat large volumes of water in a short span of time.


Swimming pool solar heating,  the sun's energy is free!  

With a solar pool water heater can you enjoy a comfortable pool seven days a week with complete freedom from fuel costs

Proper sizing is required to maximize heating of the pool. Pools require a Solar Collector Surface area equal to 60% to 100 % ( sometimes may be more ) of a Swimming pool.


Every Swimming pool and home is different from each other. The sizing of the Solar heating panels is based on many factors,

  • Direction of the roof ( south, east, west or flat)

  • The size and shape of the Swimming Pool (Depth of the pool is not a factor)

  • Pool shaded with Screen Enclosure, trees etc

  • Geographical location

  • Desirable swimming season

  • Pool temperature required

  • Wind conditions


The technical amount of heat output  for our solar panels is between 950 to 1000 BTU’s per square foot  (One British Thermal Unit ) = 1055.055 Joules.

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