Robotic pool cleaner

The robotic swimming pool cleaner is a device that leap right into the hearts of swimming pool owners and service technicians. These robotic cleaners attach to one of the suction ports at the pool. Usually, this port is the skimmer or the pool may have a separate vacuum port where the robot cleaner's hose can be attach. With the hose attached and the filter pump running, suction is created by the robot cleaner. The robotic cleaner moves randomly or automatically depending of the models around the pool with motion. As the unit moves, debris is sucked up through the neck and then the hose, past the suction port, through the pipe, and stops at the filter pump strainer basket, while smaller debris passes through to the filter. Adjustments will create different cleaning patterns to maximize pool coverage.
Available for in ground and above-ground swimming pools, our complete line of robotic pool cleaners offer the latest in pool cleaning technology.
Our automatic pool cleaners are renowned worldwide for quality, performance, and reliability
Robotic swimming pool cleaner. Wholesale robotic pool and spa cleaner

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