Pool Solar Showers

Designed to take the sun free heat. Enjoy all the hot, cold or warm water you need! Attach a garden hose or hard plumbing, the shower fill with water and the sun does heat the water for free.


  • Our Solar Shower lets you enjoy a warm shower outdoors without costly plumbing, installation and energy charges.Perfect for a leisurely outdoor shower
  • No expensive installation or plumbing required
  • Perfect for campsites, pools, patios or garden
  • Mixer for hot & cold water
  • Stylish simple design


A solar shower is ideal for rinsing off before or after a swim or an outdoor shower.


Simply clip on a standard garden hose and the water contained in the shower cylinder heats up in the sun. The solar shower comes complete with anchoring bolts and all fittings for easy installation.


The shower has a mixer to regulate water temperature. Some of our models have a built in a foot washer

Available with Aluminum or PVC body

Pool Solar Showers

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