UV Water Purification systems

UV Water purification filtration systems clear the water with the help of ultraviolet (ultra violet) light. This light like sunlight is emitted by a special UV lamp.  We usually use Philips UV purification lamps and tubes for better water purification (Philips UV lamp are great for water disinfection, uv sterilizer, uv water purifier and as germicidal uv lamp).


The UV-A and UV-C light radiation kills all forms of life that are Directly exposed to the light – micro algae, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, molds, yeast and oocysts like cryptosporidium and giardia and other parasites.


UV Water Purification systems offer many advantages over other water treatment for microbiological contaminants. It does not introduce any chemicals to the water, no bi-products and does not alter the taste, pH or other properties of the water. Ultra Violet produce a safe drinking water, it is not harmful to plumbing and septic system. 


Our UV water purification systems filters have special features:

Spiral water flow – The unique spiral water flow and the big volume of the UV units ensures an optimum water clarification. The water is directed in a spiral way around the UV quartz tube, with a long contact time. Due to this, the UV-A and UV-C radiation is used with maximum Efficiency Routable connections – The inlet and outlet connections of the UV filters can be rotated for 360°. This saves space and facilitates the installation of the water filters.


UV-A and UV-C sterilizers are produced in many sizes and capacities:  All our UV-A & UV-C have sound and LED alarm if the lamp is burned or not working.   We use Philips UV lamps / lights from Holland .  Our Chinese production allows very competitive prices and we export worldwide.  You can choose between stainless steel 304ss and 316ss for use even in salted environment.

UV Water Purification systems

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